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Soft Rice Paper Prawn Rolls

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Rice Vermicelli – 40 gms
Raw Prawns – 18, medium sized, shelled and deveined
Rice Papers – 18, dried
Mint Leaves – 18 to 20 sprigs
Lettuce Leaves – 3, torn into narrow strips
Garlic Chives – 36
Vietnamese Dipping Sauce to serve

1. Soak the vermicelli in water for about 15 minutes to soften.
2. Drain.
3. Insert a skewer lengthwise to the prawns to keep them straight when they cook.
4. Heat a large pan of lightly salted water.
5. When it starts to boil, add the prawns and reduce the heat.
6. Simmer for a minute.
7. Remove and cover with cold water.
8. Drain and remove the skewers.
9. Softenn rice papers in lukewarm water.
10. Spread them onn a clean dry cloth.
11. Place a prawn in the centre.
12. Top with a mint sprig, lettuce and some rice vermicelli.
13. Fold the sides in over the filling and roll from one side.
14. Tuck two garlic chives into the roll so their ends protude by about 1 1/2 inches.
15. Continue to roll up and gently squeeze.
16. Serve with the dipping sauce.

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