Cinnamon Creme with Chocolate Flakes Recipe

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Semolina – 1 tbsp
Skimmed Milk – 1 cup
Coffee Powder – 2 tsp
Cinnamon Powder – 1 tsp
Artificial Sweetener to Taste – 8 tsp or Vanilla Essence – 2 to 3 drops
Egg – 2, whites only
Cream of Tartar – a pinch
Salt – a pinch
Plain Chocolate – 1 bar, grated for garnishing

1. Powder the semolina in a blender if not already fine.
2. Roast slightly till the raw smell disappears.
3. Bring the skimmed milk to a boil.
4. Add the semolina and coffee powder, stirring continuously.
5. Cook till the mixture is thickened.
6. Remove from the flame.
7. Add cinnamon powder and artificial sweetener and vanilla essence.
8. Keep in the refrigerator to chill.
9. Beat the egg whites with cream of tartar and salt till stiff.
10. Remove the semolina mixture from the refrigerator and gently fold in the egg whites.
11. Serve chilled.
12. Garnish with chocolate flakes.

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