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Mangoes in Brine

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Green Mangoes – 25, unripe, small, tender
Coarse Sea Salt – 2 cups
Kashmiri Chillies – 6 to 8
Asafoetida Powder – 1/2 tsp

1. Choose mangoes with soft seeds.
2. Wash and wipe them dry. Keep whole.
3. Take a large glass/porcelain basin.
4. Sprinkle some salt at the bottom.
5. Layer the mangoes, chillies and asafoetida, ending with a layer of salt.
6. Place a small plate on the mangoes and rest a heavy weight on it so that the mangoes get pressed down.
7. Cover the basin with a muslin cloth.
8. Leave to salt for 3 days.
9. Uncover the basin and turn the mangoes over.
10. Sprinkle a little more salt.
11. Replace the weight and cover.
12. Repeat the process after 3 days. There should be quite a lot of liquid.
13. Transfer the mangoes with the brine into a glass jar, ensuring that they are completely submerged in the brine.
14. Leave to mature for at least 2 weeks. The mangoes will have a wrinkled appearance.
15. When ready, remove as many mangoes as required with a dry, slotted spoon, ensuring that the remaining mangoes are covered with the brine.
16. Cut in long slices.
17. Serve with rice and curry.

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