Sangar Ka Saag

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Sangar – 150 gms
Kair – 30 gms
Dry Red Chillies – 10 to 12
Mangoes – 8 to 10 pieces, raw, dry, cut into strips
Mustard Seeds – 5 tbsp
Lotus Stems – 2 pieces, washed thoroughly, cut into thin rounds
Turmeric Powder – 2 tsp
Salt – 5 to 6 tsp
Red Chilli Powder – 4 tsp
Mango Powder – 2 tsp
Vegetable/Mustard Oil – 3/4 cup
Cumin Seeds – 2 tsp

1. Soak the sangar overnight in a big bowl containing lots of water, 1 tsp oil, 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp turmeric powder. Drain.
2. Clean and soak kair, dry red chillies, mango strips, and mustard seeds separately overnight. 3. Drain.
4. Cover the sangar and kair with enough water and boil till soft.
5. Drain.
6. Grind the mustard seeds to a smooth paste.
7. Mix the boiled sangar-kair mixture with the lotus stems, dry red chillies, mango strips, mustard paste, turmeric powder, and salt in a big bowl.
8. Dilute the red chilli powder and mango powder in 1 cup of water.
9. Heat the oil in a kadai till it starts smoking.
10. Cook slightly and then add the cumin seeds.
11. Gradually add the diluted spices.
12. Remove from heat, add the sangar mixture and mix well.
13. Leave to mature for a day.

This is ready to eat only after the mustard paste matures a little. It can be preserved for 10-15 days.

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