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Rasgullas are  a very popular and traditional Bengali sweet made with paneer and dipped in a sugary syrup. Often made during weddings, festivals and special occasions, rasgullas (or roshogollas) are regarded as “King of Indian Sweets”.
rasgulla - Rasgulla
Paneer – made from 500 ml milk
Water – 500 ml
Sugar – 300 gms
Flour – 1/2 tsp
Rose Water – 1/2 tblsp

1. Place the paneer, flour and 1/2 tsp of sugar in a bowl.
2. Knead well till smooth.
3. Make small balls from this dough.
4. Ensure the balls are smooth and crack-free.
5. Make a thin syrup with the sugar and water.
6. When it is slightly thick, drop the paneer balls and cover the pan.
7. Boil for 5 to 8 minutes.
8. As soon as the syrup starts thickening, add 1 tsp of hot water.
9. Reduce flame and simmer.
10. Add 1 tblsp hot water and continue to simmer.
11. Once the rasgullas start to puff up (light and spongy) and rise to the top, transfer the them to a bowl that has a little cold water.
12. Once cool, refrigeratre for a few hours.
13. Add the rose water before serving and serve them in a sugar syrup.

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  1. shameega emjedi

    Hi there, please can i get the recipe to make paneer at home?

  2. Hi, did u mentioned the water and sugar qty rightly ? As the sugar is more than water and u r asking to make a thin consistency which is not possible I guess……?

    Can u clear this – is the qty of water and sugar mentioned is the correct qty?

    And also when ever I make rasgollas they don’t double in size, they will be soft and good but not real puffy and double in size, what might be the reason…

    I knead the paneer almost for 10-15mins until my hand get a touch of fat, I put the paneer balls in boiling sugar syrup only, and I cook it for one whistle….
    Thanks in advance

  3. i luv rasgullas…..
    it is amazing ….

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