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9 Health Benefits Of Amla

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Amla – the very thought of it kindles childhood memories, where we would run to get a packet of amlas coated in spice and salt that tastes mouth-wateringly delicious. Well, most of us are up for these sour bites even now that makes us squint and drool with the first bite, that eventually gets bitter and finally ends with an everlasting sweetness. But this healthy favourite snack of ours is a powerhouse of nutrients that’s extremely good for the health; most of which is because of the richness of vitamin C in this fruit.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Here is how this unique fruit is great for improving your health

  1. Controls diabetes

If you are worried about soaring sugar levels in your body, have an amla everyday and you can bring it under control. Gooseberries are rich in chromium that makes your body more responsive to insulin and enables your body to absorb insulin efficiently. Polyphenols in amlas protects the cell from oxidative damage due to high levels of blood sugar. The presence of vitamin C aids in the proper functioning of pancreas.

  1. Detoxifies your body

The diuretic nature of amla increases the frequency of urination. All toxins in the body gets flushed out when you urinate. Besides that excess accumulation of salt, water and uric acid also gets eliminated from your body through urine. This prevents unnecessary bloating, excessive sodium levels in the body and urinary infections. It also cleanses your kidney preventing the formation of kidney stones.

  1. Strengthens your bones

Amla is not only a rich source of calcium but also improves the efficiency of calcium absorption. Calcium is important for the strength and maintenance of bones. Regular consumption of amlas keeps your teeth, bones and nails strong. It also helps in maintaining bone density and prevents bone damage due to aging.

  1. Improves immunity

Amla is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that can efficiently fight against bacteria and viruses that can potentially harm your body. It also fights free radicals that leech on to your body causing infection, fever, cancer or any other form of diseases. Eating an amla a day will turn your body to defensive mode, safeguarding you from health ailments.

  1. Purifies blood

Daily intake of amla with honey in empty stomach is known to purify blood. The presence of vitamin C and the detoxifying nature of amla eliminate impurities from the blood. Amla also increases the count of red blood cells that increases the haemoglobin levels, reducing the risk of anaemia. This also helps in easing out menstrual pain and cramps and regularising the flow of blood during menstruation.

  1. Boosts heart health

Being a great purifier of blood, amla cleanses the arteries, improves the blood flow and pumps enough blood to the heart. They also strengthen heart muscles and remove any excess build up of plaque in the blood vessels. A gradual increase in the count of red blood cells due to the rich presence of iron in amlas transports oxygen that aids in regeneration of tissues and prevents any probable episode of stroke or cardiac arrest.

  1. Cools down the body

It is no doubt we see vendors selling amlas on hot summer days as they are known to instantly cool down the body. Amlas have a higher content of water and contain more vitamin C than oranges. Having amlas rehydrates you and replenishes the water in your body. Vitamin C is known to spike up tannin levels in the body that acts a protective shield from heat and sun. This helps your body to combat the hot weather and prevents dehydration and heat stroke. If you feel dehydrated drink a glass of amla juice or just munch on amlas.

  1. Maintains the strength of your mane

Hairfall, breakage and dryness is a common problem for many. This can be treated by simply consuming amlas on a daily basis. Most of the hair issues are due to a deficit of calcium, vitamin C or iron. Amla is an amalgamation of high proportions of all the three. Consumption of amlas on a regular basis boosts your body with nutrients and reverses any kind of hair damage. You can consume them regularly or apply them to your hair in the form of hair oil or hair masks that will improve the lustre, moisture and density of the hair.

  1. Maintains healthy skin

Being a rich source of vitamin C, amla helps in treating all kinds of skin issues. Vitamin C is a tonic for maintaining the youth and suppleness of the skin. The excellent blood purifying properties of amla clears your skin and gets rid of acnes. Amlas also keep your skin firm and tight and reverses any kind of skin damage like pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark spots and damages due to sun exposure. Apart from having amlas orally, you can also apply amla juice on your skin like a face mask or serum to witness visible results.

  1. Improves eyesight

Amla treats all kinds of eye problems like watery eyes, redness, dryness, itching, cataract and weak eye sight. Amla has a rich presence of vitamin C and antioxidants that strengthens the retinal cells. Carotene and vitamin A in amla cures cataract, near sightedness and also reduces the risk of near blindness that is usually caused by aging.

After being aware of the goodness of amla, we are sure it is going to be your daily supplement. A combination of amla and honey is a tasty and healthy way to reap all the benefits of this fruit. If you do not like the taste of amla, you can have them in the form of powder and mix it to your fruits, salads and juices. Gulping down a glass of amla juice daily is great for your health. You can also have murabbas (amla candies) and amla pachidi to disguise the unique flavour of amla.

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