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Shreenidhi Santhanakrishnan

  • When you are diagnosed with diabetes the first thing you do is figure out what you can include in your diet. We understand how tricky the process can be with the numerous foods in the market claiming to be “diabetes-friendly”.

  • Most of us cancel a dinner date or a lunch with our buddies due to the mere fear of going back to square one and starting the healthy eating journey from the first step to hustle our way towards fitness.

  • If you are a vegetarian, we bet you are tired of hearing the same old question about meeting your protein requirements. Although we have been either answering or ignoring this question, it does leave us feeling worried at times.

  • For the longest time we’ve been blindly following certain food habits that have become a part of our tradition and there are some new fads that leave us confused about what to eat and how to eat. Sadly, most of the things we have been following religiously are baseless.

  • Amla – the very thought of it kindles childhood memories, where we would run to get a packet of amlas coated in spice and salt that tastes mouth-wateringly delicious. Well, most of us are up for these sour bites even now that makes us squint and drool with the first bite, that eventually gets bitter and finally ends with an everlasting sweetness.

  • We greedily grab mangoes to relish the toothsome fruit, but little do we know the numerous benefits this fruit has in store.
    Here is why our mothers and grandmothers have been raving about the king of fruits

  • The vegetable has a greenish-yellow outside with soft, tiny seeds arrested in a white, succulent flesh in the inside. These juicy vegetables are known for their water content and ooze out water when sliced.

  • The people of the Bhojpuri lead a healthy lifestyle by striking a balance between physical activity and a balanced diet. The Bhojpuri dishes are hassle free and are simple to cook.

  • Thanks to the advent of media and digital arena for bringing everything under one roof and making us aware of the different foods that occupies an intrinsic position in the Indian cuisine.

  • The assortment of food offered in a platter is a tasteful expression of the culture and way of living of the different regions. Let’s explore culinary grandeur of the different regions of India with pride.

  • One thing we are all eagerly waiting for is – Holi – the festival of colours. Here are some insanely delicious recipes you wouldn’t want to miss out this Holi.

  • A sudden spurt of vegans has left us confused about what they eat and how they are different from vegetarians. This brings the question “What is vegan food all about?”

  • Green tea is made of fresh leaves that aren’t oxidized. Being a less processed form of tea, the goodness of antioxidants and polyphenols in the tea leaves are retained, which would have otherwise been washed off in the process of oxidization.

  • From newbies, excited to start the journey on a romantic note; to oldies, who are running out of ideas to jazz up their date night; everyone’s racking their brains to find the perfect way to have some romance on the V-Day.

  • One of the most common issues parents face is – fussy eating. Fret not, you’re not alone. It’s common for kids to show resistance to new or different kinds of food, leaving parents wish that the food bowl miraculously got empty.

  • All of us would have painstakingly indulged in workout plans, become a member of the gym or would have starved to death, but wouldn’t have witnessed any positive transformation. A good, healthy diet and the right amount of physical exercise are cardinal to weight loss.

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