Carrot, Halwa

Almond Carrot Halwa

500 gm carrots
4 cups milk
1 cup almonds
1/2 cup ghee
2 cups sugar
4 cadamoms, powdered
few drops of almond essence
pinch of saffron

1. Grate the carrots and boil in just enough water. Cool. Blanch and skin the almonds. Keeping a few aside, grind the rest with the cooked carrots.
2. To the ground paste add the milk, sugar, saffron and half of the ghee. Cook in a heavy-bottomed vessel on a slow fire stirring constantly until the mixture starts to leave the sides of the vessel. Add the rest of the ghee until the mixture forms one mass. Remove from fire.
3. Add the essence and cardamom powder and mix thoroughly. Chop the almonds and set aside. Mix in half of it.
4. Grease a glass bowl with some ghee and transfer the halwa on to it. Smoothen out the surface, and garnish with the rest of the almonds. Serve hot.