Chicken, Pasta

Chicken Pasta with Peanut Butter Sauce

A easy to make delicious spaghetti with chicken in a peanut butter sauce. Ideal for lunch or dinner.
chicken pasta peanut butter sauce - Chicken Pasta with Peanut Butter Sauce
Chicken Breast – 225 gms, boneless, skinless, chopped
Spaghetti – 225 gms
Spring Onions – 1/2 cup, chopped
Oil – 1 tblsp
Carrot (or Capsicum) – 1 small, grated
Coriander Leaves – handful, chopped

For the sauce:
Rice Vinegar – 2 tblsp
Oil – 3 tblsp
Peanut Butter – 1 tblsp
Soy Sauce – 1 tblsp
Honey – 2 tsp
Sesame Oil – 1 tsp
Ginger – 1/2 tsp, grated
Red Chilli Flakes – 1/4 tsp

1. Mix the sauce ingredients in a bowl.
2. Whisk well and keep aside until required.
3. Heat 1 tblsp oil in a pan over medium flame.
4. Add the carrot and saute for a minute.
5. Add the spring onions and chicken pieces.
6. Stir well and cook for 10 minutes.
7. Meanwhile, heat a large pot of salted water over medium flame.
8. Add the spaghetti and cook as per packet instructions.
9. Drain well and transfer to a bowl.
10. Add the sauce and coriander leaves.
11. Mix well.
12. Add the chicken pieces on top and gently mix.
13. Serve hot or warm.

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