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Homemade Potato Chips

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5 kg. White potatoes
2 tbsp. salt
1/4 tsp. Alum
large ten litre container for boiling
Clean thick old bedsheet for drying or even a large thick plastic sheet
Fill a large container or clean plastic basin or bucket with cold water.
Peel, drop thin chips with a potato slicer(thinnest blade) and immerse into water.
Cover and keep aside overnight.
In a large 10 litre vessel, heat plenty of water.
Bring to a complete boil, add salt and 6-7 pinches of alum, powdered.
Drain out potato chips and drop into boiling water.
Boil till chips change colour and are just a shade tender.
Do not allow to overcook or they will break on draining.
Undercooking will make the chips blackish on drying.
Drain out water completely.
Spread sheet in the hot direct sun and peg down with some weights on all corners.
Spread out the chips in single layer all over the sheet.
Allow to dry till brittle.
When all moisture evaporates, heap them indoors on another sheet.
Bring the chips to room temperature and store in a clean dry airtight container.
To proceed
Heat oil in a frying pan till hot.
Put in 10-12 chips, allow to expand.
Drain quickly with perforated large spoon.
Put on absorbent kitchen paper to soak excess oil.
Season with salt and pepper, chaat masala, or paprika, as desired.
Toss lightly to coat all chips.
Serve anytime, anywhere, with anything.

Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar founded Awesome Cuisine, a platform created in 2008 to showcase India's vibrant culinary heritage. A digital marketer by profession and a passionate food lover, Praveen has been exploring the world of food since his school days. With Awesome Cuisine, he combines his expertise in digital marketing with his deep love for food, sharing delicious recipes and inspiring others to appreciate the joy of cooking. Through Awesome Cuisine, he invites you to join him on a flavorful journey and discover the wonders of Indian cuisine.

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