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Are Fruits a Good Breakfast Substitute?

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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” claim health experts. For, it plays an important role in kick starting your metabolism and in providing you with an energy supply throughout the day. Many of us, due to the lack of time in our busy life style, retire to substituting our breakfast with fruits as we think of them as healthy alternatives. Fruits are good. They contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that impart numerous health benefits to us. But, the question is “Are fruits a good breakfast substitute?” This article discusses this in detail.

Taking only fruits for your breakfast deprives you of the other essential nutrients that your body needs for its proper functioning. Apart from just those vitamins and minerals that fruits provide, you also need nutrients like proteins and fats. Since fruits cannot provide these they cannot be counted on as wholesome breakfast foods.

A wholesome breakfast is something that has to keep your body running effectively all through the day, at least until lunch. Since fruits are not packed with such kind of capacity, they can’t help you withstand your hunger pangs till then. So, you need to take fiber rich foods such as wheat, bran, or oatmeal along with fruits to help you carry on till your lunch time.

Are Fruits a Good Breakfast Substitute?

Most importantly, a breakfast consisting entirely of fruits is not able to provide the required amount of calories. Every one of us needs certain amount of calories each day in order for our body to function properly. The first meal of each day should have high amount of calories to keep you running throughout the day. Since fruits cannot provide you with this, they are not ideal breakfast substitutes.

Ms.Eileen Canday, a renowned health expert who is the chief dietician at Breach Candy hospital says that you need to consume some amount of protein during your breakfast in order to help you feel full for longer. She says that consuming a breakfast that doesn’t contain protein will leave you hungry sooner by noon or even earlier. So, take fruits during your snack time during mid-day, instead of taking them as breakfast substitutes.

A wholesome breakfast should contain low-fat protein, whole grains and dairy says health experts from Mayo clinic as they claim that such a blend provides your body with enough complex carbohydrates, fiber, fat and proteins.

If you fail to take a wholesome breakfast regularly, you will face health problems in the long run. So, get off your bed a few minutes earlier and prepare a healthy wholesome breakfast for your family. This will effectively energize your body and brain, and help you perform efficiently throughout the day. If you are really tight of time, prepare a wholesome breakfast by adding some milk to cereal. There are many such easy breakfast ideas. Pick some of them from the internet and prepare these for your family instead of retiring to consuming fruits solely.

Another time saving idea is to prepare a healthy breakfast on the previous night and having it in the morning just before you are about to leave for work or school.

On the other hand, if you prefer taking fruits for breakfast, there are many recipes that add fruits with other foods to come up with wholesome meals. For example, you can make chapatti rolls by applying a layer of cheese or butter and spreading them with sliced or finely cut fruits, and then rolling them with your fingers. There are several fruit recipes of this sort. You can also come up with many innovative ideas of this sort to serve a wholesome breakfast for your family.

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