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11 Reasons to Avoid Sugary Drinks

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This is not the first time you are warned about sugary drinks. For some, sugary drinks are an occasional interest when their temptation rises; while for others, they are a daily addiction. With the hot sun mercilessly sucking out the energy during the scorching summer days, a cold glass of your sugary beverage seems like a rescuer; but, little do you know they are only worsening things for you. Despite all the warnings and advices to stay away from sugary beverages, many of us haven’t ended this unhealthy affair.

Here is how sugary drinks are harmful and why you need to ditch them for good:

Avoid Sugary Drinks

  1. Harmful for the teeth

Several researches have concluded that dental damages are predominantly a result of increased consumption of sugary drinks. Sugary drinks are a combination of everything that harms your teeth. Sodas are made of acids like phosphoric and carbonic acids, not to mention the insane amount of sugar that results in a number of dental problems. Sugar is a treat for bacteria in the teeth that drives them to cause tooth and gum diseases. The acids and artificial flavours in sodas corrode the teeth making them sensitive and vulnerable to decay.

  1. Zero nutrients

Many sip on to lemonade or other diet sodas believing they are a healthy way to cheat. Unfortunately, this innocent mistake is wreaking havoc to your health. Firstly, your fruity sodas do not have fruits at all. Secondly, a can of your soda contains as many 10 teaspoons of sugar. There’s no fibre, no essential nutrients but is laden with sugar and more sugar. Therefore, when you drink sodas, you are just gulping down empty calories and sugar.

  1. Cause obesity

Sugar is known to invite fats and increased consumption of sugary drinks is proven to be the reason for the tremendous increase in the prevalence of obesity over the years. Even artificial sweeteners are hazardous to health. Sugar laden drinks add on dangerous amounts of fat especially around the waist which is known to cause metabolic syndrome and obesity.

  1. Increase insulin levels

Sugary drinks are undoubtedly loaded with sugar. An excess amount of simple sugar in liquid form will increase your blood sugar leading to spiking insulin levels in the body. Simple sugars are easily absorbed by the body leaving you crave for more sugar. Repeated cycle of sugar crash and cravings leads to insulin resistance and diabetes.

  1. They are addictive

Sugar laden beverages are as addictive as alcohol. Consumption of sugar releases pleasure hormone called dopamine that instantly elevates your mood. The brain is inclined to things that give a sense of gratification. As soda releases dopamine, your brain will end up craving for it thus, making you dependant on sugary drinks on a daily basis. Severe addiction will make you violent if you miss your daily dose of the sugary beverage.

  1. Dehydration

Although it’s absolutely comforting to gulp down a chilled can of soda when you are thirsty, it’s best to stay away from them as they are dehydrating. Sodas are a combination of concentrated sodium, caffeine and sugar. This is a combination you should avoid when your body requires hydration. Prolonged consumption of sugar laden drinks leads to chronic dehydration. So the next time your throat dries up, grab a bottle of cold water.

  1. Water

This one’s a shocker right? You may wonder what could possibly be wrong in consuming water. The tempting flavours and attractive appearance captivate us and we tend to overlook what goes in making the drink. Well, sodas are just chemical filled water in disguise. Traces of metals and chemicals in the water are bound to ruin the entire system causing innumerable chronic diseases in the long run.

  1. Hazardous to mental health

Consumption of sugary drinks has an impact on the protein levels of the brain. Several studies have proven that over consumption of sugar is linked with negative effects on mental health and cognitive functions. When you befriend these sugary monsters, you are prone to depression, poor memory and assimilation.

  1. Premature ageing

If you are a sucker for sugary drinks, your youth is at stake. Phosphate is an important ingredient in soda or packed drinks which is a culprit in accelerating the ageing process. The wrinkles and sagging skin are not the only ones to worry about, but your organs are prone to damage too. Kidney, liver and cardiovascular diseases are probable outcomes of frequent consumption of canned drinks.

  1. Excessive caffeine

Replacing a cup of coffee with soda may seem like a harmless switch, but the effects are adverse. It is important to keep in mind not to consume more than 400mg of caffeine per day. Besides keeping you awake, an overload of caffeine increases blood pressure causes palpitations, headaches and dehydration. As sugary drinks are overloaded with caffeine there is a fair chance for them to alter the normal function of your system.

  1. Damages the liver

All your sugary drinks contain fructose. Fructose cannot be assimilated by the cells in our body, but can only be metabolised by the liver. When you gulp down gallons of soda, there is an overload of fructose in your liver. The excess of fructose is converted to fats and stored in the liver. This leads to a common lifestyle disease called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is similar to the liver damage caused by alcohol.

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