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Monsoon Delicacies

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Hot pakoras, masala tea, a warm rug, your favorite novel or movie – isn’t your rainy day made? Oh yes, we at Awesome Cuisine, bring you this week the best foods for the cold and rainy season.

Monsoon DelicaciesThis rainy season, enjoy all the hot soups, beverages, spicy snacks, and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Did you happen to read our previous post on soul soothing soups? If you did, you need no introduction to spending a healthy rainy day indoors. But if you did not, check out all our hot soup varieties here.

For the coffee and tea lovers, there are so many different varieties of hot piping beverages in our beverage section. My favorite is the Kashmiri kehwa on a monsoon morning.

I did not know there was masala coffee available too. It was the most delicious drink I had ever tasted.

The main attraction of a rainy day – ah, yes, the hot and zesty snacks! We would love it if you try out all these snacks this rainy month. Hot Bondas are a favorite hit on our site. Check out the different varieties of Bondas. Apart from the regular bonda varieties like Mysore bonda and potato bonda, we also have some unique bonda varieties like Aloo idli bonda, vegetable bonda, bread bonda, okra and greens bonda, Colocasia bonda, Cabbage bonda and Rava bonda. Check out the current seasonal vegetables and whip up a bonda with it. It’s as simple as that.

The most popular south Indian snack variety eaten for breakfast and adored by kids – vada. There are 40 different vada recipes here. You can use legumes and pulses to make vadas. You can also use seasonal vegetables dairy products like panneer and curd to make vada. Oh, you can even just add spices and vada it out! Some popular recipes from our site till date are Medhu Vada, rava vada, mysore vada and dal vada. But have you tasted Beetroot vada, cabbage vada, green peas vada and raw plantain vada? If not, you must prepare this as soon as possible. They are unique. Speaking of unique, we have brought for you thulasi vada, soya greens vada and posto bora. Go ahead, open those links and check them out! This rainy season, these snacks are a must eat.

Samosas are my favorites. Yours too? Then, you should go ahead and spread out those crunchy samosas on your garden table and eat them watching the rain.

Pakodas are liked by all. This rainy season, send us the pictures you take of all the pakodas listed here. The first few entries would receive surprise gifts. Yes, there are 19 different varieties which we have listed out. You can send us more recipes and their pics too and increase your chances of winning.

This monsoon, eat healthy foods. Keep your immune system at its best. What are the seasonal vegetables available in your area? Purchase them and prepare varieties of snacks using them. Use them for the regular dishes too. This also saves food-miles. We have also brought out a carefully planned and systematically designed checklist below. We hope it helps you.

General checklist for the monsoon season:

  • Avoid eating out.
  • Use reduced salt as it causes water retention and bloating.
  • Avoid or minimize fish and meat and go easy on the digestion.
  • Avoid raw vegetables or warm it mildly as it may eliminate the occurrence of infections
  • Wash green leafy vegetables thoroughly and many times.
  • Maintain your general personal hygiene.
  • Check out the seasonal fruits and vegetables and stick to them as far as possible. This also saves food-miles.
  • Minimize oily foods to help digestion. Oh, but my husband argues that samosas do not taste as good in the summer season. So, find your balance.
  • Consume a lot of foods rich in Vitamin C to help keep your immunity at its peak.

And enjoy the rain. It’s after all God’s free shower 🙂


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