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Bengal Gram Flour – 1 cup
Sugar – 1 1/2 cups
Water – 3/4 cup
Unsweetened Khoya – 1 cup, crumbled
Baking Powder – a pinch
Kesar Yellow Colour – a pinch
Rice Flour – 1 tblsp
Oil to deep fry
Silver Warq – to decorate
Cardamom Powder – a pinch

To Garnish:
Pista, Cashew and Almonds – finely sliced

1. Mix bengal gram flour, rice flour, kesar yellow colour and baking powder together with a pinch of salt and enough water to make a dropping consistency batter.
2. Heat oil in a broad pan.
3. When it smokes reduce flame and keep a boondhi ladle on top of the oil and pour one big spoon full of the batter on the ladle.
4. Tap gently so that small droplets of dough falls in oil and gets fried.
5. When the boondhi’s are half fried take them out of oil and keep aside.
6. Heat sugar and water together and stir till it is dissolved completely.
7. Increase the flame and boil the syrup till one sting consistency is reached.
8. Remove from fire.
9. Add the prepared boondhi to the syrup.
10. Crumble khoya and mix into this.
11. Keep on fire and cook stirring constantly till it becomes a thick lump in centre.
12. Remove from fire and stir for a minute.
13. Pour on a greased tray.
14. Flatten the top and sprinkle the fried nuts.
15. Decorate with silver warq.

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