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Lemon Vanilla Parfait

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Vanilla Custard Powder – 4 tsp
Gelatin – 6 tsp, dissolved in 3 tbsp milk
Water – 6 tsp
Juice of Lemons – 2
Artificial Sweetener – 5 1/2 tbsp
Skimmed Milk – 2 cups
Lemon Rind – 2 tsp, grated
Lemon Essence – a few drops
Vanilla Essence – a few drops
Skimmed Milk Powder – 3 tbsp
Egg Whites Only – 4
Salt – a pinch
Cream of Tartar – a pinch

1. Dissolve the vanilla custard powder in water, and cook till thick, stirring continuously.
2. Remove this from the fire and stir in the gelatine.
3. Cool slightly.
4. Add all the ingredients till vanilla essence.
5. Mix well.
6. The mixture should taste lemony so add extra juice or lemon essence, if needed.
7. Freeze the mixture in ice cube trays till set.
8. Blend the frozen cubes in a blender with skimmed milk powder till soft and fluffy.
9. Beat the egg whites with cream of tartar and salt till stiff.
10. Fold the lemon mixture into the egg whites.
11. Freeze till set and serve in goblets or parfait glasses.

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