Apricot Cake Recipe

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Sponge Cake – 1

For the Topping:
Apricots – 1/4 cup, dried, soaked in hot water
Skimmed Milk Powder – 1 tbsp
Artificial Sweetener – to taste

For the Filling:
Apricots – 2 to 3, fresh, cut into slices
Lemon Rind – 1/2 tsp, grated
Artificial Sweetener -1 tsp

1. Cut the cake horizontally into two halves.
2. Keep aside.
3. For the topping, drain the dried apricots and blend in a blender with skimmed milk powder and a little warm till the mixture is smooth and creamy.
4. Sweeten with a little artificial sweetener, if required and keep aside.
5. For the filling, mix the fresh apricots with the lemon rind and artificial sweetener.
6. Layer the lower half of the cake with fresh apricot mixture.
7. Place the other half of the cake on top.
8. Smooth the apricot cream on top and along the sides of the cake and serve.

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