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Deep Fried Brinjal

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Violet Brinjals – 1 kg
Oil for frying
Salt as per taste
Garlic Chilli Powder – as required
Fresh Melted Ghee

1. Select big and even sized brinjals.
2. Wash, remove the stem and wipe well with a cloth.
3. Take a large deep curved pan with oil of 1 1/2 inch depth.
4. Heat till required temperature for frying and drop 3 to 4 brinjals gently in the oil one by one.
5. Keep the flame in medium.
6. Turn the brinjals gently and deep fry till it becomes almost black in colour on all sides evenly.
7. Fry all the brinjals in the same way and cool down to room temperature.
8. Peel outer skin, split in the centre and arrange whole brinjals in a plate.
9. Mix little salt, garlic chilli powder with melted ghee to form a thick paste.
10. Keep little of this as stuffing in the split centre of brinjal.
11. Serve with hot rice.

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