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Sweet and Sour Curry

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250 gms Tuvar dal
50 gms Suran
50 gms Red Pumpkin
50 gms Doodhi
50 gms Potatoes
50 gms Brinjals
1 raw Banana
4 Tomatoes, big, grated
1 tblsp Jaggery, grated
2 tblsp Tamarind juice, thick
a few Curry leaves
1 Onion, big, grated
1 tsp Ginger, grated
handful of Coriander leaves, chopped
a pinch of Asafoetida
1/4 tsp Mustard seeds
1/4 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tblsp Til
1 tblsp Coconut, grated
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
2 Red Chillies
2 Green Chillies
Salt to taste

1. Wash and soak dal in water for 1 hour.
2. Drain and boil in water to which turmeric and salt has been added.
3. When dal becomes soft, mash it to a paste.
4. Heat 3 tblsp of oil, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida.
5. When the seeds stop popping, add ginger, onions, chillies and curry leaves and cook till soft.
6. Cut all the vegetables into 1 inch pieces and set aside.
7. Put tomatoes into the onions and cook till the mixture becomes thick, then put in the vegetables, dal, tamarind, jaggery and 1 litre of water.
8. Cook till the vegetables are done.
9. Sprinkle on top roasted til, coconut and coriander leaves and serve hot.

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