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Achari Fish Tikka

Achari Fish Tikka

A delicious and popular starter/appetizer dish suited for most meals. Bite-sized pieces of fish fillets are marinated in an assortment of spices and then grilled to perfection. Best served alongside roti, naan or paratha with mint chutney. Ingredients: Fish Fillets – 200 to 250 gms, skinless, cut into small pieces […]

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Seafood Cuisine of India

India’s seafood includes various fish, prawn, crab and oyster. Seafood is a much favored staple diet for the Indians living not only in coastal areas but in all other places for the benefits it offers and the good tastes it provides.

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Singapore Cuisine: Adding Health to Taste

Singapore offers some of the most exotic food delights. Food in Singapore is an assortment of sumptuous treats that also include some healthy, lip-smacking delights. With a multifarious food culture that cherry picks the best of all cuisines, there is no dearth for healthier options.

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Punjabi Cuisine

Punjabi's have a unique flavor in every dish. Road side dabbas are most popular places to experiment on punjabi delicacies. Experience the flavors of Punjabi Food with Awesome Punjabi Cuisine

Indian Curry1 380x380 - The Past, Present and Future of Anglo-Indian Cuisine
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The Past, Present and Future of Anglo-Indian Cuisine

Anglo-Indian food was one of the first truly ‘fusion’ foods of the world and represents a vital part of history itself. The great thing about food and eating habits though, as with language and the human need to celebrate, is that you can’t stop its influence and its spread between cultures, food itself can function as social glue.

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How Curry Became Britain’s Favourite Dish

Curry has taken its place next to fish and chips and the traditional Sunday Roast as one of Britain’s favourite foods. Curry is a perfect example of how the UK takes international cuisine and modifies it to please her citizens. What began as an inexpensive reminder of days-gone-by is now a staple in British cafes.