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Enduri Pitha

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Rice – 400 gms
Peppercorns – 5, powdered
Black Gram Dal – 250 gms, without skin
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Coconut – 1, grated
Paneer – 250 gms, grated
Green Cardamoms – 2, powdered
Ginger – 1/2 inch piece, crushed
Jaggery – 250 gms
Banana Leaves

1. Soak rice and dal overnight and grind it into a thick paste.
2. Add salt and mix well. Keep aside.
3. Mix coconut, paneer, jaggery and ginger.
4. Stir-fry them till dry.
5. Sprinkle powdered peppercorns and cardamoms.
6. Mix well and remove.
7. Half fill a wide mouthed pan with water.
8. Cover it with a muslin cloth tied around the mouth of the pan.
9. Put some rice mixture on a leaf and flatten it.
10. Spread some prepared coconut over it and fold the leaf lengthwise so that the coconut layer remains sandwiched in between.
11. Tie a thread around the prepared leaf. This is called enduri.
12. Repeat with the rest.
13. Place all the prepared enduris on the cloth.
14. Cover with a concave lid and steam till done. When a fork comes out clean, it is done.

Tip: You can also use an Idli mould to steam cook.

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