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Yellow Pumpkin Poori (Parangikai Puri)

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Poori (or also known as Puri) is a popular South Indian (and these days all over India) dish often served as breakfast or evening tiffen dish. Typically served with a potato masala, this dish has over time come to be known as a “Poori Masala”.  Popular amongst all age groups,  kids generally love this dish.
Pooris (Puris)

Wheat Flour – 2 cups
Yellow Pumpkin (Parangikai) – 2 cups, grated, seeds and thick outer skin discarded
Ajwain (Omam) – 2 tsp
Green Chillies – 4 to 5, minced
Salt as per taste
Oil as required

1. Steam cook the grated pumpkin and grind to a smooth puree.
2. Add ajwain, salt and pumpkin puree to wheat flour.
3. Add the green chillies and mix well, adding some water if required.
4. Add 3 to 4 tsp of oil and mix well to a thick, pliable dough.
5. Make small balls of the dough and roll them out into small/medium discs (pooris).
6. Heat oil in a frying pan.
7. Deep fry the prepared pooris on both sides until light golden brown and puffed up.
8. Remove and drain excess oil.
9. Serve hot with potato masala or side dish of choice.

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