Tandoori Naan

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All purpose flour 2 cups
Semolina 1/4 cup
Salt to taste
Instant dry yeast 1 tsp
Soda bicarb 1 tsp
Oil 1 tsp
Water to need


Sieve the flour with soda and salt.
Now add 2 tsp warm water into dry yeast and set aside.
Add semolina, oil into flour and mix well dry only.
Now add water little at a time to make a soft dough.
If dough sticks to hand too much then use little bit of oil on hand and then punch into dough.
If u want to make naan same day then keep the dough in pre-heated oven at 150 for 7-8 hrs.
Otherwise keep it at warm place for two days in a properly covered with cloth.
Now to make naan, set oven at broil and roll oval shape out of dough. Then place it into oven and flip it after 1 min. after taking it out apply some butter on them. And they are ready to eat.


  1. dhaniyapudina chatni
    250 gm. dhaniya
    50 gm. pudina
    1/2 tsf dry mango powder
    1/4 tsf. dry chilly powder
    1/4-1/2 tsf salt
    1/4 tsf garam masala
    add all in mixture with 1/4 cup water
    chatni is ready

  2. ingredients
    besan- 2 cups
    red chilly powder
    garam masala – 1/2 tsf
    nimbu ka sat 1/4 tsf
    soda bi darb 1/4/ tsf
    potato boil 250 gm.
    oil to fry
    green chillies
    mustard seeds 1/4 tsf
    method- 01.add water 1/2 tsf salt besan and 1/4 tsf soda bi carb to make batter
    02. mash boil potato add salt ,red chilly powder garam masala haldi and neembu ka sat mix well
    03. in fry pan take 2 tsf oil ,heat and and 1/2 tsf mustaard seeds to sprout
    04. add potato (mashed) and heat few minutes
    -5. sut chill vetisally , fill potato mixture and dip in besan batter
    06. deep fry in oil ( in karahi)
    best mirchi bara is ready to eat with dahi chatni, tomato sauce

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