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Cocktails That Add Zing To Your Party

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Organizing a party can sometime be quite a nerve wrecker as there are a zillion things to take care of. The first thing you need to decide is the venue which has to be ideal for the evening you have planned. You can decide to have your party at home or rent out a place. The party can be indoors or out on a terrace or in the garden. No matter where you choose to have the party you will need to the right ambience to make it an unforgettable evening.

Cocktails That Add Zing To Your Party

If you have a theme in mind for the night you will need to have décor that suits the event. There are other little details that have to be taken care of, like the seating, lighting, music and a small dance floor. The list doesn’t end here, for you will have to decide the menu, so your guests are served the best hours devour and dinner, which will make them not just relish the food but also compliment you on the wonderful party that you have thrown.

While making arrangements and coordinating everything for the party you should not forget the bar. All your guests will head towards it once they arrive at your party. Remember, the difference between a good and an excellent host can be identified by how well they stock the bar counter. Ensure you look after your guests preferences and have the best liquors. This might be easier said than done, because serving the best liquor can easily make a small hole in your wallet. How then do you overcome this debacle?

Introducing cocktails can add a zing to your party! All you will need is to do is hire a bar tender who knows how to prepare the best cocktails and voila you will have a rocking party that people are not going to forget in a long time. Serve a combination of cocktails at your party. You must have the ever popular classics that have been around for ages and a few modern variations that the younger crowd fancies.

Here is a list of five cocktails that are must serves at every party:-

Bloody Mary

If there is one cocktail that is universally accepted, it is the Bloody Mary. This cocktail is created using Vodka and tomato juice, to which a dash of Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and Tabasco sauce are added. The other flavorings that go into the cocktail include olives, salt, cayenne pepper, celery stick, black pepper and a few other condiments.


Not a very apt name for a drink, but who cares as long as it tastes like heaven. This is a well-liked drink made from Vodka and orange juice. Sometimes the drink is also referred to as plain “vodka and orange”. The screwdriver has many different variations and is prepared differently in various parts of the world, though vodka remains the common element in all recipes. You could for instance serve an alternative called the sonic screwdriver; this is prepared with vodka and Blue Curacao in equal proportions, spiked with fresh lime soda.


This is yet another very popular cocktail that was originally invented in Mexico. Today there are many variations to the original drink; however whichever you choose to serve you cannot go wrong with the Margarita. The original drink is made from tequila and orange liqueur and served with crystallized salt covering the rim of the glass. It can be served on the rocks or without ice as well. In the variations fresh lime, blue Curacao, grand Marnier or the triple sec replace the orange liqueur.

Sex on the Beach

Another tantalizing cocktail that goes well with the crowd is sex on the beach. As with most cocktails there are many variations served nowadays. Originally there were just two variations to the drink. One was made with vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice and peach schnapps. The other was also made from vodka but the other ingredients were replaced with pineapple juice, Midori Melon liqueur and Chambord. Today of course there are many more recipes for this wonderful drink; though vodka remains the primary ingredient in each of them.


The Mojito originates from Havana in Cuba. The traditional way of preparing a Mojito is by using rum, club soda, lime juice, fresh mint and powdered sugar. Mojitoes are topped with crushed ice and are the perfect cocktail.

Ensure that your bar is equipped to serve these and many more cocktails and rest assured that your party will rock.

For more cocktails, check out our exhausative selection of 800+ cocktails.

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