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Ice Cream Making Tips

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Making ice-cream at home is a fun process as the end result is always delicious and fresh. Moreover, you can add your own touch by exploring various methods and by adding different ingredients. However, getting a perfect texture and firmness to the ice cream can be the trickiest part.

Make Ice Cream at Home

These are the techniques and tips through which you can revamp your ice-cream making method:

  1. Do not use hot milk to mix the ingredients. Add the flavoring agents (alcohol) and extracts like vanilla, almond, etc. only after cooling the ice cream batter at room temperature.
  2. Refrain from using wet hands and spoons while making an ice-cream as the moisture will spoil the texture and taste of the mixture.
  3. Freezing uncovered ice cream mixture can lead to the formation of ice crystals. Therefore, do not forget to seal the container with a wax or plastic wrap before closing the lid.
  4. Homemade ice-creams tend to lose texture and flavor quickly since no artificial colors and preservatives are added in them. Therefore, it is better to finish it within a week
  5. Square or rectangular shaped shallow containers are the best to store the ice cream since they ensure that the consistency is even.
  6. Keep the temperature of your refrigerator at its highest level at least one hour prior to keeping the ice cream container in the freezer.
  7. Do not add chocolate chips, nuts, and other ingredients initially. Let the ice-cream set first and keep adding the mix-ins while you churn it for even consistency.
  8. Do not add an excessive quantity of alcohol and other flavoring agents. Adding more than 1/4th cup of flavoring for a mixture of 1 quart can affect its freezing capacity negatively.
  9. Do not add all the hot cream into the egg yolks at once while making the ice creams which are custard based. Go slowly and whisk the mixture properly before using.
  10. When something is to be added in teaspoons or tablespoons, do not forget to use leveled proportions each time so that the recipe remains balanced.

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