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Beef with Roasted Eggplant

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Eggplants (Brinjals) – 225 gms
Oil – 3 tblsp
Beef Steak – 300 gms, uncooked
Small Onions – 3, sliced
Mint Leaves – 1/2 cup

For the Sauce:
Small Green Chillies – 4, sliced
Lime JUice – 2 tblsp
Fish Sauce – 1 1/2 tblsp
Sugar – 1 tsp

1. Roast the eggplants until the skins are blackened on all sides and the flesh is soft inside.
2. Slice in half, scoop out the flesh, discard the skins and keep aside.
3. Add 1 tblsp of oil to a pan and add the uncooked beef.
4. Saute the steak over high heat until brown on both sides or for about 3 minutes.
5. In a separate pan, fry the small onions in 2 tblsp of oil over medium heat until brown and crisp.
6. Drain and keep aside.
7. Slice the beef steaks thinly.
8. Mix it with the eggplant.
9. Add the sauce ingredients and mix well.
10. Garnish with fried onions.
11. Serve with rice.

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