Salt Cod Puree Recipe

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Salt Cod – 500 gms, soaked
Milk – 2 cups
Black Peppercorns – 4
Parsley – 2 sprigs
Bay Leaves – 2
Garlic Cloves – 2, chopped
Juice of 1 Lemon
Olive Oil – 1 cup
Potatoes – 750 gms, boiled and mashed
Flat-leaf Parsley – 3 tblsp
Ground Black Pepper as per taste

1. Place the soaked cod in a large pan with the milk, peppercorns, parsley, bay leaves and enough water to cover.
2. Poach gently for 15 to 20 minutes or until the fish is soft and flaky.
3. Reserve about 3 tblsp of the poaching liquid.
4. Remove the fish carefully from the pan.
5. Flake fish and discard bones and skin.
6. Put the fish into a blended with garlic and lemon juice.
7. Drizzle in the oil and blend well to make a thick puree.
8. Add potatoes and parsley and blend again.
9. Add a little of the poaching liquid if it is too stiff and combine well till it is creamy and light.
10. Add ground black pepper to taste.
11. Pile onto crisp toast and serve.

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