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10 Tips to Make Healthy Salads at Home

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Aren’t you bored of munching the regular homemade salads which taste the same every time? There is no need to worry now as we are revealing some simple tricks that will redefine the taste of your homemade salad and make it taste like the one which is prepared at a restaurant.

Salad Making Tips

Here are those simple salad tricks:

  1. Use veggies of different textures to make your salad taste crunchy, wet, dry and soft all in a single bite.
  2. Make your salad colorful by adding bright hued veggies like carrot, berries, tomatoes, etc. It will make your salad look tempting and appetizing.
  3. Do not make the salad too sweet or salty. Sprinkle some extra lemon juice to balance the taste whenever it gets too salty or sugary. Also, keep the quantity of lemon juice in check in order to prevent a sour taste.
  4. If you are using lentils or sprouts in your salad, do not forget to soak them overnight. Drain the water in the morning by adding water 2 to 3 times so that it gets completely cleaned. Also, remove all the excess water and do not rub them dry.
  5. Cover and keep the sprouts or lentils in a warm and dark place.
  6. Mix the dressing carefully. Do not add too many seasoning or spices as that would overpower the natural taste of your salad.
  7. Do not use regular salt and chili powder in the salad. Add sea salt and powdered pepper to add flavor.
  8. Use the dressing sparsely especially when the dressing is creamy. A perfect salad is always light and crispy.
  9. Keep the calorie content of your salad in check. Do not add too much cream and oil as that would defy the basic purpose i.e. health for which a salad is eaten.
  10. Toss the salad once so that all the ingredients get properly coated with dressing and seasoning.
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar
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