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Cauliflower Cheese Soup

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A comforting and tasty soup with cauliflower and cheese. Serve with toasted bread.
Cauliflower Cheese Soup

Cauliflower – 250 gms, chopped
Potato – 1, small, chopped
Cheddar Cheese – 2 tblsp, finely chopped
Butter – 1 tblsp
Onion – 1, small, finely chopped
Milk – 150 ml
Vegetable Stock – 350 ml (or use plain water)
Salt as per taste
Pepper Powder as per taste

1. Heat butter in a pan over medium flame.
2. Add the onions and saute until soft.
3. Add the potato, cauliflower and milk.
4. Pour the stock and mix well.
5. Add some salt and pepper powder.
6. Bring to a boil.
7. Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes or until all vegetables are tender.
8. Transfer to a blender and blend until smooth.
9. Return to the pan and adjust seasoning.
10. Pour into serving bowls.
11. Top up with some cheddar cheese.
12. Sprinkle some pepper powder and serve with toasted bread.

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