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Top 30 Indian Food Bloggers


Top 30 Food Bloggers BadgeSince 2007, Awesome Cuisine has been attempting to simplify the (sometimes) complicated Indian food recipes and present them in an easy to understand format. During this journey, we have come across a lot of good food bloggers who continue to showcase and present the simplicity and taste of Indian Cuisine.

That is why we have compiled this Top 30 Indian Food Bloggers of 2013 as a token of our appreciation and our way of acknowledging the wonderful work these bloggers are doing.

The list is in no particular order. If your website is listed below, feel free to copy this badge and showcase it on your site. If you think, we missed a few sites, let us know.

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Top 30 Indian Food Bloggers of 2013


Why we like this blog: Sailu’s Food was the only first website that came to our mind when we wanted to try Authentic Andhra food. She has been blogging since 2005 and must visit for any Andhra recipes.
Sailaja - Sailus Food

Deeba Rajpal

Why we like this blog: Filled with mesmerizing pictures and lovely recipes, Deeba’s blog is a must visit for those interested in baking or for those who are starting to learn the basics.
Deeba Rajpal - Passionate about Baking


Why we like this blog: Simple, easy to follow recipes that makes cooking so easy – is how we would describe Sia’s Monsoon Spice. One of the few bloggers who covers everything from the basics to the complicated.
Sia - Monsoon Spice


Why we like this blog: Want to taste authentic Bengali food? Then look no further, Sandeepa at Bong Cook Book gives you more than just recipes. The little tales that Sandeepa weaves around each recipe are sure to keep you hooked.
Sandeepa - Bongs Mom Cookbook


Why we like this blog: Like Sailaja, Shilpa of Aayi’s Recipes has been blogging since 2005 bringing to us authentic and delicious Konkani food. Must visit for those who want to taste authentic Konkan food.
Shilpa - Aayi's Recipes


Why we like this blog: Healthy food need not be bland and tasteless. Usha of Veg Inspirations has been blogging for the last 2 years posting delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan food recipes that has been passed down from generation to generation.
Usha - Veg Inspirations



Why we like this blog: Husband and Wife duo bringing us with mouthwatering recipes in a simple and easy format.
DK - ChefinYou


Why we like this blog: We stumbled on Aparna’s My Diverse Kitchen only recently and was quite surprised, in a happy way, to see delicious Palakkad style recipes. The blog, as the name suggests, also has a lot more recipes than just Palakkad cuisine.
Aparna - My Diverse Kitchen

Padma (a) Padhu

Why we like this blog: Like Sailaja, Padhus Kitchen is another website that is bookmarked for easy reference on anything related to Indian Vegetarian food. All recipes are tried and tested before posting them on the site by her.

Padhu - Padhus Kitchen


Why we like this blog: To quote a friend, Nags is like the boss of all women food bloggers. And that needs no explanation whatsoever.
Nags - Cooking and Me


Why we like this blog: The recipes are presented in a simple and easy to understand pictorial format presented in neatly.
Dassana - Veg Recipes of India

Richa Hingle

Why we like this blog: One of the best looking website that serves up delicious vegan food.
Richa Hingle - Vegan Richa

Hari Chandana

Why we like this blog: Has a lovely collection of regularly updated innovative and simple vegetarian food recipes.
Hari Chandana - Blend with Spices


Why we like this blog: A good blog that is bookmarked for its simple and delicious recipes.
Preeti - Simply Tadka


Why we like this blog: The tag line is what that attracted us at first “Ratatouille – anyone can cook“. Eventually we fell in love with the variety that was presented at the site.
Chitra - Chitras Food Book


Why we like this blog: Delicious and contemprary Indian and western recipes from God’s Own Country.
Swapna - Swapna's Cuisine


Why we like this blog: “Destination for food lovers” is the tagline for the site and if you are after simple, no nonsense recipes, then look no further than Sara’s Yummy Bites.
Saraswathi - Sara's Kitchen


Why we like this blog: One of the very few blogs that serves pure vegetarian and sattvik recipes.
Anushruti - Divine Taste


Why we like this blog: A very popular celebrity blogger and a must visit for anyone wanting to learn more about Indian vegetarian cuisine.
Archana - Archana's Kitchen


Why we like this blog: “Follow your passion” is so true for Sanjeeta’s Litebite and that is one of the many reasons apart from the lovely recipes why we love this blog.
Sanjeeta - LiteBite


Why we like this blog: Sharmias Passions is one of the very few sites that we follow almost every day for its authentic South Indian recipes presented in an elegant manner.
Sharmilee - Sharmis Passions

Preeti Tamilarasan

Why we like this blog: If you do not cook with love then it does not mean much. But Preeti Tamilarasan’s Indian Kitchen is filled with spices and love.
Preeti Tamilarasan - Jopreetskitchen

Raks Anand

Why we like this blog: Along with Sailaja, Nags, Padhu and Sharmilee, Raks Kitchen is a def site to bookmark when it comes to authentic vegetarian recipes.
Raks Anand - Raks Kitchen


Why we like this blog: We stumbled upon Marias Menu about 6 months ago while searching for some recipes from Kerala and since then the site has become a must-visit destination for us.
Maria - Maria's Menu

Jeyashri Suresh

Why we like this blog: The moment you visit the site, you immediately get this nice “home” feeling. That’s what Jeyashri Suresh’s Kitchen does – serves you delicious home cooked vegetarian food.
Jeyashri Suresh - Jeyashri's Kitchen


Why we like this blog: Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking is a must visit for those who prefer tasty but eggless variations of popular recipes.
Madhuram - Eggless Cooking

Jayanthy Kumaran-

Why we like this blog: Delicious, healthy recipes presented in a easy step-by-step format.
Jay - Tasty Appetite

Helene D’Souza

Why we like this blog: Who doesn’t love tasty Goan food? Helene’s Masala Herb brings in an authentic Goan flavour to some of the popular and exotic recipes.
Helene D'Souza - Masala Herb

Shriya, Nithu & Arthi

Why we like this blog: The three musketeers, Shriya, Nithu and Arthi, serves us with a variety of recipes and lots of love.Shriya, Nithu and Arthi - Spicy Tasty


Why we like this blog: Kavitha’s FoodoMania might be new (when compared to the others in the list) but she makes it up by serving us easy and delicious recipes.
Kavitha - Foodomania

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