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Health Benefits of Tea

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Drinking tea has been attributed with various health benefits since ancient times. Tea has been used as a medicine for treating colds, digestive problems, infectious diseases, and nervous disorders for over 5000 years now. Scientific studies have confirmed the fact that regular intake of tea results in a reduced risk of incidence of many diseases including cardiovascular problems and cancer.

Tea is a 100% natural product. When brewed without adding stuff like milk, honey and sugar, it has zero calories and therefore contributes in maintaining the balance of body fluids. More health benefits of tea are discussed below.

  • Research has revealed that tea leaves have a good amount of antioxidants called polyphenols, and that a high level of it is made available in the blood stream upon regular intake of approximately 5 cups of tea each day. The antioxidants play a positive role in neutralizing the harmful free radicals in our body.
  • The tea consumption habits of 9000 women were studied at Japan. The study shows that the women whose tea intake was below 5 cups a day were twice susceptible to strokes than their counterparts who drank 5 cups and above each day. The reason is, the phenols in tea hamper the oxidation of cholesterol, which may lead in damaging the blood vessels.
  • Numerous studies show that regular green tea consumption reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis, cancer, liver infections, and infective intestinal diseases. Moreover, the lower cholesterol content of tea helps in strengthening cognitive skills and in enabling weight loss.
  • The calming effect of green tea on the body and mind is well known for centuries now. This effect is due to the presence of L-Theanine amino acid in green tea. This substance makes the central nervous system to release certain compounds that ushers in a sense of serenity, optimism and euphoria.
  • Tea consumption prevents increase in the level of homocysteine which is a significant agent for cardiovascular diseases. This is brought about by the action of Vitamin M (a B complex vitamin) in tea. Besides, this vitamin also helps in preventing cancer, and in keeping the eyes and the nervous system healthy.
  • Other studies have confirmed that people who consume large amounts of tea are at a reduced risk of contracting some types of cancers like stomach cancer, bladder cancer and digestive system cancer.
  • The fluoride content in tea strengthens teeth and bones, and fights against the development of cavities.
  • Studies, as said earlier, say that the antimicrobial properties in tea make it a great infectious disease fighting agent.
  • Regular green tea consumption lowers the risk of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Research shows that black tea has substances that protect your lungs from the adverse effects caused by cigarette smoke.
  • White tea which is the unfermented and uncured type contains more anticancer agents than the processed varieties, and hence its regular consumption prevents the incidence of cancer.
  • Sipping green tea daily has been long recommended for weight loss.
  • Tea drinking improves your immune system, and enhances its potential to fight against infection. A recent study that was conducted with twenty one candidates revealed that drinking 5 cups of coffee or tea every day for four weeks resulted in a raised level of immune system activity in their blood.

Cup of Tea

As seen above, tea imparts numerous health benefits to its consumers. There are a lot of varieties of tea from green tea to herbal to Hibiscus, and none of these concoctions come without their own set of health advantages, both documented and undocumented. So, choose a tea of your choice and sip it down daily.

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