Raagi Puttu Recipe

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    * 2 cups of raagi flour
    * 1 cup of grated coconut
    * Salt to taste
    * 2 tsp ghee
    * 5 tsp sugar
    * 2 powdered cardamom


Fry the raagi flour in a pan, stir it continuously until there is a slight change in colour, remove the flour, bring down to cool. Mix salt in water and sprinkle water little by little to the raagi flour and mix it throughly. The raagi flour should be wet enough, keep stirring it with your fingers and do not mould it in to a dough.

Add the cocounut to the raagi flour and mix it. Boil water in the idili cooker, spread the raagi flour on the idili mould such that it does not take the shape of the idili. Close the lid, steam cook it for 4-5 minutes.

Remove it from the idili mould and add sugar , powdered cardamom and ghee, mix it well and raagi puttu is ready to be served.

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