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Kadalai parupu 2 cups
Coconut scrapings 1 cup
Sugar 2 cups
Cardamon powder 1 tsp
Maida 2 cups
Gingelly oil 4 tbs
Ghee for frying or oil
Kesari powder a pinch
Salt ¼ tsp

Add the ¼ tsp salt, a pinch of kesari powder to the flour,and bind to a soft dough with some water.Add 4 tbs of oil to the dough and knead till it becomes rather slippery. Keep aside covered for 2 hours
Fry the coconut scrapings to a golden brown in a tsp of ghee.
Clean the dhal and boil it. See that the dhal is just well boiled, and not boil to a pulp. Strain off all the dhal water completely into another vessel. (Use this water to make a tasty rasam )
Add the sugar, coconut scrapings,and cardmon powder to the cooked dhal and keep on low heat stirring till the mixture becomes semi-solid.
Stir constantly, till no liquid oozes out of the mixture.
Remove from fire, let it cool and grind the mixture to a very smooth lump, without adding any water. Make into balls the size of a duck’s egg. Keep aside.
Keep an oiled piece of banana leaf over your chappati rolling board, and a bowl of oil or liquid ghee handy.Then knead the dough again nicely and make into balls equal number with the dhal balls.
Take a dough ball, smoothen it to a round flat cake, and pat with fingers dipped now and then in the bowl of oil or ghee to a circle 3 ½” in diameter.
Take a dhal ball and place it in the center of the patted dough.
Gather up all the edges of the dough circle over the top of the dough ball and join them all together to cover the dhal ball completely.
With greasy fingers pat into a round 6 inches in diameter.Pat it to a uniform thickness throughout.
Grease a heated tava. Turn the banana leaf upside down over the tawa.
Gently peel off the banana leaf.
When the boli turns firm, pour one tsp of ghee all over the surface of the boli.
Turn over the other side and pour another tsp of ghee over the surface.
When cooked on both sides remove to a dry plate.
Turn the rest of the dough to bolis in the same way.

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