Mangai Pachadi

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2 full size Mango
Jaggery – as required
Chilly Powder – a pinch
Salt for taste

1. Cut the mangoes into a large pieces
2. Cook it till it turns tender
3. While cooking add a pinch of chilly powder and salt as per your taste. If you want you can blend this till it becomes a paste form.
4. Keep it aside
5. Keep a pan on the stove
6. Pour a little amount of water (say one kolambu that it will not get watery)
7. Place the jaggery on that
8. When all the jaggery is done, pour this into the mango paste which was done earlier
9. Mix well and let it cook for some 3 to 4 mins
10. If you want you can add coconut with this. but this is optional
11. Serve hot with sambhar or rasam sadham.

During the Tamil New Year you can also add some neem flower.
1. Take a pan
2. Add a little amt of ghee
3. Fry the neem flowers till it become crisp and brown
4. Let it cool
5. You can either give a round in your mixie or you just powder it using your hands.
6. After the preparation of manga pachadi, remove the pan or vessel from the stove and then sprinkle the neem flower powder.
7. You are not suppose to cook or boil you have added the neem flower powder.

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