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Best Foods to Eat When You’re Bulking to Maximize Results

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They say losing weight is the toughest journey. But they don’t know that gaining weight is another pain too. For gym goers, gaining or bulking is quite important since they need to gain muscle mass without gaining fat.

Hence, the consumption needs vary, which is why it’s important to know what foods to eat when you’re bulking. It’s important since without a proper bulk, one cannot get into proper cutting and shape their body.

Anyway, we’ve compiled a list of foods that you should add to your diet in order to get the maximum results from bulking. Another important thing is to keep your calories in check. You can certainly find several gym and fitness apps that will help in this cause.

Best Foods to Eat When You re Bulking to Maximize Results

Best Foods to Eat When You re Bulking to Maximize Results

However, at the same time, you can get help from the internet. There are various apps available that are designed to provide you with healthy recipes in which you can incorporate the foods mentioned below. Make sure you are connected to a reliable and secure connection such as the one that you can get upon your subscription to any of the Xfinity Internet plans, which just by the way, all include impressive data limits and fast speeds.


Ask any trainer, they’ll recommend you to include eggs, most importantly egg whites in your diet for good bulking. The reason for this is that eggs have protein and healthy fats that fulfill the body’s needs and avoid adding fats/ carbs.

In addition, you get vitamin B and amino acid leucine, which are important nutrients for gaining muscle mass. You can eat egg whites by boiling the eggs, consume them by making an omelet, or even like many bodybuilder figures do, chug them with a protein shake.

Chicken Breast

When you’re bulking, you need to have a good amount of proteins so that you can gain muscles and retain the growth. Eggs are a great source; however, you can consume chicken breasts too which will help with the gains.

Chicken breasts are also known to have vitamin B niacin, vitamin B6, and approx. 26.7 grams of quality protein. All of these will help in rejuvenating your lost energy as well as helping in your next workout.

Greek Yogurt

They say that when you’re bulking or even going to the gym, you need to minimize dietary goods since they have fat. However, Greek yogurt is a product that you can consume because of its fast-digesting whey protein and casein protein.

The combination of these proteins, also known as fast and slow-digesting proteins, helps in gaining good mass. The Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein and will surely help in improving your bulking game.

Lean Beef

It’s all about protein – the more you eat, the more you gain. Well, another source of protein is lean beef, which is known to bring good results. It has high-quality protein alongside creatine and various vitamin B.

Consuming lean beef greatly helps with gaining lean mass and energy for weight training. Moreover, it’s also one of the best sources of food that you can count on without gaining too many calories in your diet.


When it comes to eating anything else than meat, you can go for soybeans easily. These have unsaturated but healthy fats and are filled with vitamins and minerals too. In addition, these are a good source of vitamin K, iron, and phosphorus that help with oxygen supply, meeting the needs of your body and the muscles.

For menstruating women, iron deficiency can undermine their progress. Hence, adding soybeans to their diet for the cycle can help meet the need and will help in the progress.


Adding carbohydrates in a limited form is a great idea for activating your muscles. Quinoa is a great choice for bulkers when they’re looking for options in this domain. It has carbs, protein, fiber, magnesium, and phosphorus that will help energize your muscles.

In addition, the amount of magnesium is good enough for the functioning of your muscles and nerves. Hence, you should add it to your foods to obtain a good recovery meal easily.


Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are a good source of healthy carbs and proteins that you can easily consume. In a serving, it has a good amount of protein, carbs, and fiber that will help in balancing your diet.


When you’re bulking, you’re hungry, almost all the time, and that is because your body demands food so that it can convert it into energy. But you cannot chug food all the time, and that is where peanuts come into play.

With protein, carbs, and unsaturated fats, peanuts are a good source of energy that will soothe your hunger. In addition, peanuts can also drive muscle gain as they’ll supply calories with additional nutrients without needing to chug a lot.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! These foods will surely help you gain muscles and improve bulking. Make sure you’re following a diet plan recommended by your trainer or a nutritionist so that you don’t overdo or underdo anything.

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