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13 Steps to Become a Master Chef at Home

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It is essential to follow certain safety rules while cooking. Hygiene is a must to ensure that cooked food is healthy and safe to eat. Moreover, you also need to take care of yourselves as cooking also involves the use of sharp tools and heavy equipment.

Become a Masterchef at home

These are some of the rules that you can follow while cooking:

  1. Store sharp objects like knives carefully and in such a place that kids cannot access them. Use wooden boxes or drawers to prevent any risks or injuries.
  2. Chances of water or oil spilling on the kitchen floors cannot be ignored while cooking as someone can slip and fall.
  3. Ensure that your hands are clean before you cook or handle any of the ingredients or food materials while cooking. Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly to remove the dirt and pesticides carefully.
  4. Non-vegetarian items like meat, fish, chicken, etc. should also be cleaned in cold water before cooking.
  5. Cut the vegetables and fruits on a cutting board and keep your hands and fingers away from the sharp blades of the knives or any other cutting tools.
  6. Do not expose the cut vegetables and fruits to air after you cut them as they might lose some of the vitamin and mineral content. Cook them immediately after cutting and do not cut them into fine pieces as it will also result in loss of vitamins.
  7. Do not leave your hair loose and abstain from long sleeved and loose clothes as they might come in contact with fire accidentally while cooking. Turn the handles of pots and other cookware on the opposite side of your body for safety purposes.
  8. If your hand or fingers come in contact with cooking vessels, hold it under running cold water. Do not rub oil or butter on it as it will keep the heat intact whereas water will vent out the heat from that body part.
  9. Turn off all the gas knobs if something catches fire while cooking. If any greasy substance such as oil or ghee catches fire, throw salt or baking soda at the bottom of the flame as water will not extinguish the fire in this case.
  10. Make sure that you crush harder ingredients like ice before mixing them in a blender as blending ice pieces whole might damage the mixer head.
  11. Use small and thin-skinned tomatoes for making the sauce as they will give you a high-quality sauce.
  12. Always use fresh onion paste while cooking as stored onion paste turns bitter. Also, remember to fry them a little before grinding.
  13. Do not cook sour dishes that include good amounts of tamarind or lemon in non-stick pans. The sourness of these ingredients will deteriorate the quality of the non-stick coating. Also, pour a little oil from the sides when frying chapatti or dosa on a non-stick pan. This will ensure that the quality of the coating remains intact.


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