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Simple Tips for Making Dry Flours

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Dry flours are required to prepare various dishes and preparations in Indian cuisine. We see a flour mill or shop in every nook and corner across India. Their main purpose is to provide convenience to the people who are unable to grind grains on their own.

Different types of grains such as rice, wheat, pearl millets, maize, sorghum, lentils, soya bean seeds, etc. are grounded into a fine powder for making various dishes like idli, dosas, roti, naan, puri and a variety of other dishes as well.

Dry Flours

You can also purchase a heavy duty mixer-grinder to get the job done in your home itself but it can be quite a tedious and long process especially when you want to grind large quantities of grains at once.

However, the blades might tend to get damaged if you use the mixer-grinders frequently for grinding grains. One method to make this task effortless is to roast the grains before grinding them. This will not only make the process smoother by draining out the moisture content of the grains but will also ensure that the blades of your mixer-grinder sustain for a longer period.

However, oil or any other lubricant should not be used in this case as your goal is to grind the grains dry. Also, you must avoid coloring of the grains by roasting them more than required.

If you grinding wheat, you can add soya bean or other seeds that are high in protein to improve the nutritional value of the floor. Adding these seeds will also enhance the taste of the rotis.

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