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Benefits of Tender Coconut Water

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Summer is in full swing, due to rising temperature and scorching heat it is very important to keep your body hydrated. If proper care is not taken, then due to high sweating, the most common reason of falling sick is getting dehydrated. Therefore, make sure you have enough liquids, either in the form of fruits or in the form of juices. It is said the purest form of liquids is the best form of liquids as they are in its natural form and consist only health benefits and no side effects.

Unfortunately, when we talk about keeping your body hydrated people are moving towards unhealthy fizzy drinks such as cola and soda, which are not only high in sugar, but also high in acid content. Due to high advertising and marketing it has become a trend to fall back on such drink. However, people forget what they were taught about natural things in their school.

We are so blessed to be gifted with natural fruits and vegetables by Mother Nature, which are high in fiber as well as liquid. Not only they are very widely available but are also very tasty to eat and drink. One such fruit indeed is coconut. It is very easily found especially in coastal areas of India where there is enough water. Not only does it taste great, but has many added advantages. One of the biggest advantages of coconut is its water. Under its fleshy skin is a pool of water, which not only quenches your thirst, but is full of vitamins and minerals which are quite essential for your body.

Tender Coconut

Since it is 100% natural, therefore there are no side effects. It is not only refreshing, but is very tasty. It is low in calorie and high in energy. Once you have one coconut you would feel as if you are brimming with energy. Due to its health benefits, many vendors have processed them in small bottles and selling them in a superstore. However, this is not as beneficial as the one which comes in its original form. But for people who do not have the luxury of having an original coconut can make use of the bottled one.

If you happen to live close to the seaside or in coastal regions, then you truly are blessed as this is one fruit which is available throughout the year and in abundance. The best part about coconut is that the whole of the coconut can be used in one form or the other. The water can be drunk, the soft flesh can be eaten and the hard outer shell is used as jute to build various decorative and useful items such as lamp shades, mats, cots etc.

There are loads of health benefits associated with tender coconut water

  • The name itself suggests celebration and happiness. The word coco means to grin, which is a Spanish word, therefore once you consume coconut you would feel as if you are full of energy and atomically your face would grin.
  • If you are really thirsty and you have a choice between artificial fizzy cola drinks and coconut water, then it is advisable to go in for soft, tender coconut water as it is 100% natural, without any preservative and artificial agents.
  • Not only it tastes great, but it has many health benefits as it is full of natural sugar, which provides carbohydrates, the soft cream provides you adequate fat and the water itself is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It is said coconut water is very good for pregnant women as it helps the fetus to grow well.
  • Coconut water is truly a thirst quencher as it provides immediate relief from thirst. Also, it doesn’t require cooling like other drinks which needs to be kept in the fridge. They are naturally cool as it is surrounded by such a thin outer shell which protects it from getting warm.
  • Many sports people are told to have a heavy amount of coconut water as it I a rich source of potassium which is very important for metabolism. Since they are involved in high energy activities, therefore for them keeping their body hydrates is very important.
  • Many people do not realize that high salt content can cause problems like high blood pressure and diabetes. They do not realize that high content, sugary drinks are high in sodium, which may cause immense damage to their system, however, in regards to coconut water, there is no sodium therefore there is no side effect or ill effect.
  • High sugar content is very bad for the body, but on the other hand natural sugar is not harmful for the body. Coconut water consists of natural sugar that too in controlled, level, therefore it gave instant energy. You would feel fresh and rejuvenated right after you finish your coconut drink
  • Along with coconut water, coconut milk is also a very good source of fat, which has no cholesterol; therefore it has all the goodness of natural ingredients and no ill effects of artificial preservatives.

With so many benefits, not only it is in great demand in the coastal regions but also is getting immensely popular in the non-coastal regions. If you wish to consume the purest form of water with added taste, then coconut water is the safest bet. In fact, many doctors advise that when a little child just starts weaning the mother must introduce coconut water, as it has many digestive enzymes which helps build the child’s taste buds. This is an appropriate drink for all age groups, whether young or old, whether it concerns children or old people, it is easy to digest and fun to drink. Drink it by its own or use it in some recipe, it goes well with everything. The best way to enjoy a drink is to think about its health benefits and thank Mother Nature for taking such good care of us by providing such natural ingredients which provide you with so many options to create and recreate.

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