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20 Facts about Frozen Yoghurt

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Do you need a fabulous and refreshing treat which cools you down like an ice-cream, but with less fat and calories? Then go for frozen yoghurt. Frozen desserts are enjoyed during all seasons: summer, winter, spring or even during rainy seasons. They have a smoothing effect on our body and mind by lightening our stress, soothing away our tensions. As they gently sweep the heat out of our body, calming down our inner selves and brings a lot of vivid memories of the past which makes them all the more enjoyable. The most wonderful aspect about yogurts are that they are the best alternatives available for ice-creams, giving you the same satisfaction but without adding extra pounds to your weight.

Plain Frozen Yogurt

Plain Frozen Yogurt

A frozen dessert made with yogurt, milk solids, sweeteners, milk fats, added flavours, artificial or natural colours, toppings of fruits and nuts etc. That’s what frozen yoghurt is. It is known to be first created by someone called H.P. Hood and became popular during the 1970’s. As it uses milk rather than cream, it has less fat content than ice creams. The low fat content makes it a superb choice for diet freaks and health conscious youngsters. The addition of probiotic ingredients has increased the popularity of frozen yogurts. Gelatine and vegetable additives are added to reduce crystallization and increasing melting temperature, thereby stabilizing yogurts.

Frozen yoghurt comes in a variety of flavours and styles like chocolate, strawberry, banana, black current, vanilla, raspberry, lemon curd etc. They can be easily prepared at home and you can even have your own experiments on it to try out your typical customized flavours. Customers are provided with the option of customized toppings and have the choice of having their yogurts in cups or cones. Diet conscious ones often prefer healthy toppings and mixes.

The various benefits of yoghurt are listed below:

  1. Promotes cell growth and maintenance – The very first reason yoghurts are preferred is that it is made of milk, which not only contains less fat but is also rich in proteins. Protein gives you energy and they can be considered as the power boosters of the body. They are very essential cell growth and maintenance. Proteins must be included in the children’s diet for ensuring their health. Protein rich food is also a must have for body builders.
  2. Helps in bone growth and prevent osteoporosis – Calcium is essential for your bone growth and healthy teethes. Milk has got high content of calcium. So yogurt is a good choice for children and older people who require a good quantity of calcium in their diet. Greek yogurts contain less calcium due to the draining out of calcium rich “whey”. It also helps to prevent osteoporosis.
  3. Prevents gum diseases and cavities – The lactose in the milk is converted into lactic acid by active bacteria. The lactic acid content of yogurt helps you to maintain your gums healthy and prevents gum diseases. Yogurt also helps to prevent dental cavities.
  4. Proper functioning of nervous system – Yogurt is rich in vitamins like B5, B12, riboflavin, etc. Vitamin B12 helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system.
  5. Source of vital minerals – Yogurt proves to be a good source of vital mineral nutrients like iron, zinc, potassium, iodine, etc. which are essential for the proper functioning of the body.
  6. Helps in weight loss – Amino acids help in burning fat from your body. Calcium reduces the release of cortisol by fat cells which results in easy weight loss. This may help you maintain flatter abs. When yogurt is preferred over snacks, it helps in weight loss.
  7. Contains good bacteria – Yogurts contain a lot of good and live bacteria essential for the proper functioning of the digestive systems. It aids in the proper digestion of food and also eliminates harmful microorganisms that cause intestinal infections.
  8. Good energy source – Yogurt is rich in carbohydrates which provide you with a sufficient source of energy especially after heavy workouts. It helps in quick recovery after exertive activities. Amino acids help in muscle recovery and repair while carbohydrates replenish the depleted energy of the muscles.
  9. Improves hydration – Yogurt improves the water absorption capacity of intestines, thus helping you to be adequately hydrated.
  10. Good for lactose intolerant – The yogurt doesn’t contain any lactose as it is converted into lactic acid’s those who are lactose intolerant can consume yogurt without any adverse reactions.
  11. Reduces the harmful effects of antibiotics – Studies have shown that yogurt helps in minimizing the harmful effects of in taking antibiotic medicines for respiratory ailments or similar reasons.
  12. Lowers blood cholesterol – Studies have proven that the live cultures of yoghurt can assimilate cholesterol and thus helps to lower the cholesterol content in blood.
  13. Decrease yeast in infections – The yogurts which have active cultures can prevent yeast infections and prevent Candida infections by maintaining healthy vaginal pH levels which discourages vaginal infections.
  14. Gives healthy skin – Yogurt helps you to maintain a smooth and healthy skin. It can exfoliate the top layers of the epidermis thereby clearing blemishes and discolorations. It may even help to reduce fine wrinkles.
  15. Reduces gastrointestinal diseases – Yogurt helps in maintaining healthy guts and in preventing conditions like constipation, diarrhoea, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease etc.
  16. Enhances immunity – The probiotic stains present in yogurt helps in improving the immunity conditions of the body. It can lower the risk of developing diseases and can prevent stomach cancer.
  17. Improved lipid profiles – The right kind of frozen yoghurt helps you to maintain good lipid profiles thereby keeping yourself healthy.
  18. Added vitamins – Most yoghurt manufacturers add vitamin D because it helps to absorb calcium and thereby ensure the health of the skeletal system.
  19. Fights allergies – Yoghurts help to fight cold and allergies by increasing the levels of t-cells in the body and also prepare your body’s immune system to resist harmful microbes.
  20. Lowers hunger rates – Yoghurts make you feel fuller and thus help to reduce your calorie intake. They prove to be a good snack for those who wish to lose pounds.
Frozen Yogurt with Strawberries

Frozen Yogurt with Strawberries

How far frozen yoghurts are healthy?

Frozen yoghurts remain a healthy choice as long as you choose the kind from the long list of varieties available. If you follow these simple guidelines you can ensure that your yoghurt is a healthier one. Always go for the ones with low sugar and fat content. Prefer real fruits to artificial flavours and colours. Ensure that your yogurt contains significant amounts of   probiotics, similar to the ones living in your intestines like Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Avoid yoghurts with crushed cookies and candy toppings which further increases the sugar levels and adds excess calories. Also, don’t forget to make sure that it contains sufficient quantities of calcium in it.

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