Inippu Sevai Recipe

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Prepared Sevai – 2 cups
Sugar – 1/2 cup
Cardamom – 2, powdered
Cashew Nuts – 5, broken
Saffron Colour – a pinch
Coconut Pieces – a few
Ghee as required

1. In a little ghee, fry cashew nuts and coconut.
2. Keep aside.
3. In a heavy bottomed pan, boil sugar in a little water.
4. Add cardamom, saffron colour, the fried ingredients and 1 tblsp ghee to this.
5. Allow sugar syrup to develop a hard ball-like consistency.
6. To test, pour 1 tsp of syrup into cold water.
7. This should form a ball when rolled between fingers.
8. Mix the prepared sevai in this and remove from fire.

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