Ellu Sevai Recipe

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2 cups prepared sevai
1 tbsp ghee
4 tbsp ellu (sesame seeds)
1/2 cup powdered jaggery

1. Clean and dry, roast ellu in a kadai on medium heat, stirring all the time. When all the seeds have crackled and it is done, remove from the fire, put on a plate to cool.
2. When sesame seeds is sufficiently cooled, put it in the dry grinder of the mixie, run it 1-2 times. Add jaggery, run for sometime till both are well blended. Thi is ellu podi. Remove from the mixie.
3. Put the prepared sevai on a plate, add the prepared powder. Heat ghee, pour on top of this and mix all of it lightly using only the tips of your fingers.

Note: it is not necessary to mix the ellu podi and sevai, they can be served separately as well.

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