Plain Sevai Recipe

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2 cups boiled rice
salt to taste
a little oil

1. Wash and soak rice overnight. Next day, strain all the water, grind to a fine paste in a grinder. Keep sprinkling water while grinding as the dough has to be smooth and thinner than the idli batter. Add salt and mix thoroughly.

2. Pour 1 tbsp oil into a thick bottomed vessel. Add the batter and on low flame (SIM) keep stirring all the while till batter is cooked. When done, the batter will have a shiny appearance. Remove the vessel from fire and allow to cool a bit.

3. Grease idli moulds with some oil , with wet fingers take some of the batter, make medium sized balls and put them into idli mould and steam cook for 10-20 minutes on low flame (SIM).

4. Taking one ball at a time, put them in the Sevai press and press on to large plate. Sprinkle some oil all over so that they do not stick to each other.

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