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Homemade Butter

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2 cups top cream of boiled and chilled milk
1/5 tsp. curds


Heat milk to bring to a boil, cool and refrigerate undisturbed for 5-6 hours.
A thick cream layer will form. Remove carefully with perforated spoon.
Take in a lidded container. Refrigerate. Add more to it in next lot of milk.
Collect daily top cream from milk till you have 2 cups at least.
Now add curds, mix lightly, and cover. Keep in dark warm place for 6-7 hours.
Beat set cream till the butter separates from liquid.
Add 3 cups chilled water and collect butter into a lump.
Hold lump against vessel wall, and pour out the buttermilk formed.
Use this buttermilk to make kadhi or knead dough for any roti.
If using this butter to make ghee do not wash further.
But if using to make flavoured or salted butter, then wash 2-3 times more with chilled water.
Drain out all water, and use as desired.

Makes: 1 1/2 cups butter
Shelflife: 2-3 days refrigerated

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