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South Indian recipes are known for the use of traditional spices that are grown in their own region. Also, you will see a wide use of coconut, red chilies, rice, urad dal and other cereals in these recipes. However, what most of the Indians love is the wide range of breakfast and snack recipes which are cooked in different South Indian cuisines.

These recipes include idlis, dosas, appam, upma, vadam and vathai and much more. These recipes not only have a lip-smacking taste but are also full of nutrients and are easy to digest as well. Some of the dishes like uthappam, idlis, dosas, etc. require overnight fermentation of batter which accentuates the nutrient content in them. You will see that most dieticians recommend the South Indian snacks for meals and breakfast since they are light, low in calories and rich in essential nutrients.

When it comes to the South Indian breakfast items, one can easily experiment by altering the quantity or adding a different cereal or herb in the batter. You can easily find these dishes in an authentic South Indian restaurant or small Udipi restaurants that are found in almost all the corners of India.

Moreover, you will find that most of these dishes are a common specialty of the South Indian states such as Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. However, their preparation techniques and ingredients may differ widely from each other which give a unique flavor and aroma to each of these recipes. Therefore, you must be careful while trying a dish from a particular cuisine so that you explore another recipe the next time.

The millets, cereals and other ingredients used in these recipes make them nutritious and healthy for your body. Also, they are full of anti-oxidants which boost your immunity and other bodily functions. As a result, you need to include these recipes in your regular diet to experience different tastes and flavors along with the boon of nutrients they bless you with!

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