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Navratri Sundal Varieties
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20 Navratri Sundal Varieties to Surprise Your Family

Navaratri is a festival of nine nights and 10 days. Sundals are an integral part of Navratri celebrations. A variety of Sundal recipes are made each day. These are offered as prasadam to the deities and guests who come to see the “Golu (dolls)”.

Fresh Herbs
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4 Essential Fresh Herbs You Should Use

Herbs are not frequently used in Indian cuisines as compared to the spices. However, they do have their own importance as herbs bring a unique flavor to many dishes which might be missing from your recipes. Different kinds of herbs can be finely chopped and added to the curry while cooking.

Essential Indian Spices
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Essential Indian Spices You’ll Need

Typically, spices made from ground seeds or dried plants and roots. For example, cumin powder is made from ground cumin seeds, ginger powder from dried ground root ginger, chili powder from ground dried chilies and so on.

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Onion – The Kitchen Herb

Onion and its stalk have the capacity to prevent and treat certain illnesses. Onions can also be used as a stimulant and mild counter-irritant. Crushed raw onion can be applied on the forehead to get relief from headaches.