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Below you will find a complete list of Baisakhi recipes including the popular and the lesser known recipes. There are a lot of different tastes when it comes to food, so it’s best to experiment with a variety of different dishes before deciding what you like best.

Latest Recipes

Sarson Ka Saag is a traditional Punjabi dish made with mustard leaves and spinach. Cooked with spices, this dish is served on the side with …

Carrot Halwa,  also known as Gajar ka halwa, Gajrela or Gajar Pak, is a slow cooked traditional dessert made on almost all occasions. In fact, it …

The word Biryani is derived from an amalgamation of Persian words “Birian” and “Birinj” which mean “fried before cooking” and “rice”, respectively. Biryani as a …

A traditional north Indian bread, Makki Ki Roti is served straight off the griddle topped with a dollop of fresh homemade butter!


Baisakhi Recipes

Vaisakhi is one of the most significant holidays in Sikh calendar, commemorating the establishment of the Khalsa in 1699. Vaisakhi is celebrated by the Khalsa as their birthday every year, the day corresponding to the event when they were created by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699.This day is also observed as the beginning of the Hindu solar new year celebrated by the people of Nepal and Indians in West Bengal, Tamilnadu and Kerala and some other regions of India. The particular significance attached to the occasion shows regional variation outside of Punjab too. In Himachal Pradesh, Hindu Goddess Jwalamukhi is worshipped on Vaisakhi, while in Bihar, Sun-god Surya is honoured. The festival is celebrated as Rongali Bihu in Assam, Naba Barsha in Bengal, Puthandu in Tamil Nadu, Vishu (or Vaishakhi) in Kerala, and the Sinhalese/Tamil new year festival in Sri Lanka. Besides Punjab, Vaisakhi is widely celebrated as traditional harvest festival in many northern states of India, such as Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal.

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