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Mallika Badrinath Kitchen Tips

1. Dry roast powdered salt before putting them in shakers for easy flour.
2. To avoid worms or other pests in dal or rice keep neem leaves in that container.
3. When pans are badly burned and crusted, fill them with soapy water and let it boil for 15 minutes. This will help to remove burnt marks while washing.
4. To clean dials on stoves and other hard to reach surfaces in any glass ornamental ware use a cotton swab dipped in liquid detergent.
5. When a recipe is doubled never double the salt and other seasonings. Use little more then mentioned. Taste and then add more if necessary.
6. To prevent worms in rawa dry roast it in a deep curved pan over medium flame till it becomes warm. Cool down and pressure in air tight container.
7. Line the jar in which sal, is kept with blotting paper to keep it dry always.
8. To keep dampness from affecting flour while it is stored, tuck a bay leaf inside the container. This helps to absorb the moisture.
9. To prevent stains inside pressure cooker put squeezed lemon peels at the bottom while cooking.
10. Smear few drops of castor oil to legumes and pulses to prevent pests in it.
11. Add a teaspoon of sugar while cooking cauliflower to prevent discolouring
12. Wash flasks with vinegar solution to prevent bad colour in it.
13. A teaspoon of ghee or oil added to toor dhal while cooking helps the dal to cook faster.
14. To remove kerosene smell from hands apply little curds and then wash well.