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Side dish recipes are vegetarian recipes which are served along with rice and chapatti in a typical Indian thali (plate). The curry and side dish combination makes the Indian food special and tempting.
There is no particular recipe to make a side dish as different vegetables can be cooked or boiled as per the requirements. You can cook a side dish with just one vegetable or blend multiple veggies together. Moreover, each recipe has different treatments and procedures.
Also, there are dry vegetarian side dishes and side dishes with gravy. The most common veggies used in these recipes are beans, cauliflower, cabbage, potato, tomato, ladies fingers, and brinjal.
Moreover, there are different methods to prepare these side dish recipes. You can either use garam masala (blend of spices) or cook it with basic ingredients like chili powder, turmeric, salt, and coriander.
There are plenty of recipes that need the vegetables to be deep roasted or fried well in oil before cooking. Green vegetables like Palak (spinach), Methi (fenugreek), etc. are also cooked either separately or blended with other vegetables like potato, beans, etc.
Nowadays people love the vegetarian side dishes which include green peas and paneer in them. These types of vegetables are available in different varieties in hotels and restaurants as well. However, homemade recipes are always better, nutritious and you can always control the spices and flavor when you are cooking by yourself.
Some of the popular side dishes recipes are Tomato panner sabji, Mango Gotsu, Mushroom Corn Masala, Dal Palak, etc. which are popular all over India. South Indian recipes such as Paneer Podimas, Kovakkai Poriyal, etc. are also delicious and healthy.
Veggies have ample amount of vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and other nutrients which are good for the overall development and maintenance of our body. Therefore, including them in our daily diet is a must.

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