Latest Knol Khol Recipes

Knol Khol is a vegetable that is grown extensively in the European continent. It resembles cabbage but is comparatively small and not leafy like cabbage. It is also seen in the local markets of India sometimes and is quite popular in Kashmir.

Knol Khol is mostly used in curries and sambhars but over the years chefs have used it to make different types of dishes. You can add it while making tomato curry, dry coconut curry or also in a typical South Indian styled sambhar.

Usually, it is peeled and cut into small cubes in curry recipes whereas you can keep the cubes a bit bigger when you are using it in salads. You can also peel and grate it while using in sambhar recipes.

Before storing Knol Khol in the refrigerator, you need to wash and clean it gently to avoid any unpleasant smell or taste to your recipes afterward. You can also mix it with curd (dahi) and have it with plain rice and daal in your meals.

Some people use it to make crispy tikkis by frying the balls of mashed potatoes and Knol Khol. It proves to be a delectable appetizer and you can make it to the menu of your tea parties.

Knol Khol is rich in vitamins, calcium, and sodium. It consists of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which make it healthy for your eyes and skin. It also comprises of dietary fibers that assist the process of digestion.

Calcium proves to be healthy for bones and teeth and sodium regulates our blood pressure. Therefore, you must try the recipes of Knol Khol as they are not only delicious but also healthy for your family.

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