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Healthy Cooking Tips
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31 Cooking Tips to Make Your Foods Healthier

Everyone wishes to eat fresh and healthy food. However, we ignore some basic aspects while cooking and deteriorate the quality of the cooked food. Here are some of the healthy cooking tips that you can follow: Include sprouts and lentils in your cooking preparations as they are high in protein. […]

Become a Masterchef at home
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13 Steps to Become a Master Chef at Home

It is essential to follow certain safety rules while cooking. Hygiene is a must to ensure that cooked food is healthy and safe to eat. Moreover, you also need to take care of yourselves as cooking also involves the use of sharp tools and heavy equipment. These are some of […]

Healthy & Low-Fat Cooking Tips
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11 Healthy and Low Fat Cooking Tips

Modern cooking is not only about taste and presentation but most cooks also prefer cooking healthy and low-fat recipes these days. However, you need not be a master chef to prepare healthy and low-fat meals as there are numerous simple tips that you can follow to cook light and health-friendly […]

How to cut Vegetables
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11 Tips for Cutting Vegetables

Cutting vegetables, fruits or any other food material is a basic step in the cooking process. Sharp objects like knives and cutters are used in this process and hence we have to be careful while using them. Also, these tools should be kept clean at all times since they come […]

Dry Flours
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Simple Tips for Making Dry Flours

Dry flours are required to prepare various dishes and preparations in Indian cuisine. We see a flour mill or shop in every nook and corner across India. Their main purpose is to provide convenience to the people who are unable to grind grains on their own. Different types of grains […]

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Menopause, Estrogen, Woman’s Health and Food

It is an inevitable fact that women reach the Menopause stage sooner or later in life. The natural process brings about with it various irksome symptoms which positions many women in the state of angst and agony. Generally, this natural change develops in women between the age gap 45 to […]

Cooked Rice
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4 Tips for Cooking Rice Perfectly

It is frustrating to eat rice when it gets sticky, hard or dry after cooking. There are different types of rice available in the market and each one requires a different amount of water and cooking time. A perfect way to cook the rice is the absorption method which works […]

Naans and Rotis
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5 Tips for Making the Perfect Naans and Rotis

Naans and rotis are a staple diet of North Indians but the popularity of these Indian versions of bread has given them a wide acceptance across the country. Naans are less popular in the central and southern parts of India whereas rotis are eaten in most of the households. Naans […]

Fresh Paneer Cubes
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10 Tips to Make Paneer at Home

Paneer, also known as Indian cottage cheese is a popular form of cheese in India and it is used in a variety of cuisines as well. The soft yet chewable texture of paneer makes it one of the most lovable items in Indian recipes so much so that it is […]

Idli Dosa batter
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4 Tips for Making Batters

Batters are the crucial components of a variety of South Indian dishes such as idlis, dosas, appam, uthappam, etc. A cook has to be careful while selecting the proportion of the ingredients used in the batter since each of the ingredients brings its own flavor to the recipe. Nowadays, electric […]