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Vanamala Hebbar

  • Radish as we call it as in English. Suitable for hot plain rice or any Rice dish. It has got a unique taste to it . Some people do not like Mooli / Radish because of the smell after it is cooked. In this dish though the smell is not present and the taste is superb.

  • Pineapple Gojju is another type of Gojju with different ingredients and different taste rather than normal gojju recipe which I have posted. This is very rarely made at home. Normaly this is made in functions most of the time I have had it in marriages ( including mine too). You can use same masala ingredients which is used in the Okra Gojju Recipe.

  • This gravy dish suits chapati’s / paratha’s / white rice. This is so easy to make and does not have too many ingredients and more important no grinding. Bachelors can also make this without much fuss.

  • This is a Maharastrian traditional dish. This is a unique combination